Kashmir Houseboats!

The Mughal king Jahangir, loved to such an ecstasy by the beauty of Kashmir exclaimed, "if there is a Paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here". He was doubtlessly, enthralled by the valley's lust greenery, its abundance of flowers and fruits, its shimmering springs and translucent lakes. Unlike the other Himalayan regions. Kashmir has been traveler's paradise and holiday resort for a long time, probably one the oldest on the earth.

Living on water is traditional in Kashmir and without having that opportunity , at least once in a life time, the visit to the valley remains incomplete . where else could a visitor find the most fascinating charm except from the deck of house boat under a beautiful balcony and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and a vibrant life on water, detached from the frenzy of mechanized city houseboat like that hotels are run in economy and luxury classes, Each houseboat having capacity of 2 to 5 bed rooms, adjoining bath rooms, dressing room, a drawing room, dinning rooms , pantry and upper deck.

A deluxe houseboat can be compared to any 5 star hotels in any matter of furnishing, fixtures, services and other amenities, run by joint families, who have wide experience in offer to their guests menu of all variations and taste.

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